wystawa "Przekrój kino" w Zodiaku

In the light of cinema

Paused by the pandemic, “A Cut of Cinema!” exhibition has been opened! So I am in a hurry to invite you to visit the ZODIAK Warsaw’s Pavilion of Architecture and to watch my lecture on neon cinema.

We were supposed to open the exhibition on March 13th (Friday the 13th;)). Well, for obvious reasons, it did not work. We considered many back-up scenarios, the ones that made my heart palpitate, but fortunately, the best one was put into practice – the exhibition is now open to the public. Until July 12th!

Visiting is accompanied by many restrictions, obviously, but I am still very happy. This is my curatorial debut on such a scale. You will learn about what you can see from this video, made at a time of the early pandemic when our houses were bedrooms, offices, schools, and even recording studios ;D

But most of all, I encourage you to watch the lecture that took place in mid-May in ZODIAK online. In it, I present the most important neon lights of cinemas, telling stories about both sailing ships, space and many more.

And which cinema has or had the most beautiful neon, in your opinion?

PS: Information about the pavilion’s opening hours and curatorial tours can be found on the Pavilion’s web page (pawilonzodiak.pl) and the ZODIAK profile on Facebook.